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When it comes to the most intriguing, but at the same time unique and refreshing casino games, the following one is certainly well worth checking out. Being a famous Turkish game of the Rummy family, Canak okey promises endless amount of pure fun and excitement. Frankly speaking, it is a fast paced version of the original Rummikub. It is a bit easier to understand. People regard it as a rewarding and engaging casino version, like poker or blackjack. Once you take a closer look at it, the very first thing that you will like about it is that it is really extravagant and provokes you to think. Plus, it can test your skills to the maximum. Thus, to be able to win some knowledge and skills and required. However, don’t forget that it is still a game of chance, so make sure to play only if you are feeling lucky.

The main aim is to finally get the least possible points. In other words, to win you should have the smallest amount of points once the game ends. By the way, in general, there are four players in it. But novel versions can include even two or three gamers. Frankly speaking, this fantastic level based, progressive game is played with a set of 106 wooden tiles. A set has of 3 or more tiles of the same rank and a run offers at least 3 consecutive tiles of one suit. The tiles faces range from 1 to 13. The gamer gets 21 tiles (your hand) and the dealer is given 22 tiles.The whole game is played anticlockwise. At first, the dealer is chosen randomly. Then it turn goes to the right.

Finally, it should be added that you can play free Canak okey online no download no registration requiring version to train your skills or try your luck gaming for real. One must admit that Canak okey offers a very high re-playability value.

Generally speaking, today you can find at least several portals where you can try out this entertaining machine. For example, on facebook you can test your skills to the maximum playing this game. Besides, the other trustworthy service where you can play free Canak okey games for fun is called So, don’t wait any longer, get started right away and dive into a world of entertainment! Anyway, lots of breathtaking moments combined with fun and amazement are guaranteed! Plus, you can win pretty solid amounts!