real money baccaratHaving trouble finding a detailed guide on how to play real money Baccarat? Are you new to the online casino industry? If yes, here are a few details you should have in hand about baccarat before you attempt to play baccarat online for real money.

Baccarat is popular among high-rollers due to its history of being a favorite among nobles in France, its low house edge and the game’s easy to understand rules. As a new online casino player, you will find this article useful for we have provided all the vital information you need to play and enjoy the online baccarat real money game. The article focuses on explaining the rules involved when you are playing the game as well as information on how to play the game responsibly.

How to Play Baccarat?

Baccarat is unique among other table games because the dealer determines most vital decisions in the game. For instance, the dealer is responsible for drawing cards based on the set rules of the game while you watch and wait to play. As the dealer draws the cards, you have only two decisions to make in one single round of the game. The decisions include the following:

  • The total amount that you wish to play with;
  • Predicting correctly the next position which you think will win the hand. Read on to find out more about this.

After making the above decisions, it is up to the dealer to determine the course of the game. Once you make a bet, the croupier, Live Dealer, will bank all the bets. He/she is also responsible for making the payouts to all the winning hands

Real money baccarat is quite similar to Blackjack in terms of the game play. For instance, both blackjack and baccarat use eight decks while the dealer has to reshuffle the cards before the beginning of another round. However, online baccarat real money is distinct from blackjack in terms of how the cards are dealt to the players. In baccarat, the 1st and 3rd card will be dealt to you while the 2nd and 4th cards go to the banker’s hand. Once both you and the banker receive the cards, the value of each of your hands is displayed on the screen.

To determine the winner of the game, we look at the hand with a value closest to nine. In some cases, no more cards are dealt if one of the players displays a hand value of 8 or 9 for this is considered a natural hence a winner is determined immediately. In other scenarios, the hand value for both parties remains the same and when this happens a ‘Tie’ arises.

A Variety of Bets

You can play baccarat online real money or a free version by choosing up to five different bets at any casino website. They include:

  • The banker – this Baccarat bet has a very low house edge and 3rd card rules that suit a player’s needs. This is perhaps the reason why this bet is very popular among online baccarat players.
    Due to its popularity, all the winnings that result from the banker bet always have a 5% commission. The banker bet payout ratio is 1:1 less 5% commission.
  • The player bet – Unlike the banker bet, the player’s one has unfriendly rules guiding you on how you will be drawing your 3rd card. This leads to a high house edge that most players opt out of. The payout ratio for the player bet is 1:1
  • The tie bet – Its objective is quite evident from the name. To win you are required to tie with the banker for you to emerge victorious. Chances of this occurring are minimal and that is why the tie bet has a high payout ratio of 8:1.
  • The dragon bonus bet – This is a side bet that is available to players that play mini-baccarat. It is dependent on the amount that you win by. For instance, if you win by 9 the bet has a payout ratio of 30:1. The house edge for you and the banker are not equal. The banker gets a house edge of 8.57% while you get a 2.65% house edge.

Vital Note to Make about Real Money Baccarat Bets

To ensure a thrilling experience while playing online, always go for the banker bet. This is because the banker bet always has a 50% chance of emerging victorious. Online casinos know too well that this will give you an edge on the bet hence, a 5% commission is taken away from each win made via this bet. The banker bet is the one to settle for if you are searching to be rewarded in the long run for it has a high possibility of wins.

When the Fun Stops, STOP!

Whether you are playing any casino game like real money keno, blackjack or baccarat online for real money or playing the game as a means of relaxing, it’s important to note that irresponsible gaming can lead to gambling addiction. Avoid becoming an addict by using the various self-help tools offered at the site such as self-exclusion and the deposit limits tools. In case you are wondering where to find this, click on the ‘responsible gambling’ page in any online casino website.

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