Casino Games

The word “casino” is Italian, it means “social club”. History of gambling houses goes as back as the 16th century, but we started to use the “casino” term during the 19th century. Before that, we used to call the gambling houses as “saloons” in the USA – remember them from Western movies? Whatever you call them, they are the gamblers paradise, filled with casino games and all kinds of social activities. Technically, every game in a casino can be categorized under “casino games”. The most basic categorization of casino games is like this:


Table games

All card games belong to this category. Including but not limited, poker, blackjack, Texas Holdem and baccarat.

Electronic gaming machines

In other words, “one armed bandits”. Basically, slot machines. These are the main revenue source of the casinos – almost %70 of each casino is filled with them.

Random number games

The roulette game goes under this category. Also, scratch card games and basic games like Keno and Bingo belongs here.

Online Casino Games Free

The most popular online casino games are the slot machines – digital versions of course.Slot games come in all sizes and colors, 3 reel ones, 5 reel slots, 3D slots, fruit (classical) slots, video slots… They all offer different themes and experiences. 3D slot games for example, have the most advanced graphics and animations around. Classic slots have the biggest payouts – especially if they have a progressive jackpot system. To be honest, they are your best bet to become rich: slot games do not require any knowledge, they can pay as high as 17.8 million Euros and most important, they are fun to play at.

Explore free slots collection

In 1994, it became legal to open internet casinos and almost all of the physical casinos followed that path. Today, there are hundreds of online casinos offering free online casino games. Only the online slot games category consists of thousands of titles and even the simplest casino site offers hundreds of free casino slot games with bonus rounds. But the “quality problem” is always there: how to find the best ones in this crowd?

Free Casino Slot Games No Download No Registration

We asked a question above: how to find the best online casino games in this crowd? It is almost impossible to give a free casino games list, they are that many. Each of these online casino games can be played for free, let’s call it a “practice” round. Rules stay the same, winning odds do not differ – the only difference is about the money you risk. While playing free casino games, you risk nothing. But you understand the rules of the game, decide that it is suited for you or not and most important, have fun.

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