Okey turkish rummy

It’s easy to assume from the name itself that this fun version of the classic card game of rummy comes from Turkey. However, as the original game dates back to the 18th century, there are different theories about the country where it was first played. Mexico and Spain are the most popular suggestions, but some claim that the game originated from China or from a game of French poker.

Okey Rummy Game Features

Being extremely popular in different countries at different times, Rummy had a variety of names: “Conquian” in Spain, “Cooncan” or “Coon-King” in Southern America and Mexico, “Mahjong” in China, and “Rum” in England. It has spread across all European countries and the United States, gaining a lot of fans and a worldwide popularity, and also acquiring a nickname of Okey. It is certainly OK to start playing something for fun, or to alter the rules of an already existing game to increase the amount of fun you can have when playing it. So the name sounds very appropriate, it is inviting and easy to remember.

Play Okey Rummy Online

This game is played both live and online today, and of course you can play online Turkish Rummy free for fun only. This is important if you are new to the game and wish to try it at no risk, perhaps just being inspired by its popularity on Facebook, or if you are simply not a fan of playing for money. Aren’t we all occasionally looking for a game that would feel just OK, so maybe Okey (Turkish Rummy) is exactly what you’ve been wishing for when browsing the selections of traditional games that every online casino offers?

Some people know the Facebook version well, but they are looking for a good casino games website to play Turkish Rummy with their friends in English (as many websites offer it in Turkish). For those enthusiastic fans of Okey games, casinobedava.com is a good place to go. Both amateurs and expert players of various skill levels will enjoy playing there, learn some tips and strategies and perhaps even make new friends, as online Okey games bring together players from all over the world.

Play Okey Rummy for Free

You are welcome to play free Okey online no download no registration needed, which is perfect for acquiring some skill and strategy or simply trying something different from slots, roulettes or pokers that you are no longer very excited about. There are also online Okey tournaments for those players who enjoy a highly competitive gaming experience more than anything else. Some of those may require some sort of buy in, while the others are free to take part in just for fun and for testing your skills.