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Looking for a thrilling but not ordinary game to have fun online or maybe to win some amount of money? We’ve got you covered! Okey 101 is a famous and widely loved game that will not leave you indifferent once you only take a closer look at it. Indeed, unlike other casino games it is not that famous and widely presented, but it has the power to keep you motivated and entertained for ages! So, get ready to experience something really incredible and awesome.

Generally speaking, it is regarded as a four-player (but in principle it can be also enjoyed with two or three) Turkish game which is played with rummy tiles. It is really exciting and in some way it is really unique and refreshing. It is interesting that in Turkey, this type of gaming is enjoyed not only at home, but also at various cafes and coffeehouses.

Needless to add, being related to ordinary Okey (Düz Okey), this wonderful rummy machine is a bit different. First of all, the tiles – instead of 15, the players start with hands of 21. Plus, the tiles may meld while playing and lay off on other players’ melds. So, the first meld of the gamer should include a value of at least 101, correspondingly to the title of the game.

What is more, this fascinating game of chance includes a fixed number of deals, which should be discussed and agreed in advance among the players. The penalty points in each deal are scored according to the unplayed tiles in the gamer’s hands and the target is to show the least possible penalty points at the end of the game.

Generally speaking, you can play free 101 okey games for fun or for real on facebook or at number of trustworthy online gaming venues, including The good thing about is that if you wish to try your skills or simply to have fun, you will surely want to try out the free mode. And at this portal you can play free 101 okey online no download no registration requiring versions right away. Need more convincing? Consider this: this website offers various intriguing bonuses, which you simply cannot afford yourself to miss. So, be sure to grab one of them! Have fun and good luck!

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