Looking for something that stand out of the crowd and can keep on on the edge of your seat for long? Then we have got you covered. It is one of the best types of Turkish Rummy games online that will amuse you, inspire you, and fascinate you. This popular Turkish game of the Rummy family titled Okey will not leave you indifferent once you only try it out. It is not only exciting to play, but it makes you think. Plus, it requires at least basic understanding and skills. Therefore, you should first play free Okey games for fun to better understand its rules and unique features. By the way, below you will find its basic rules and some useful tips and recommendations. So, please, have a closer look.


Generally speaking, Okey is a fast paced analogue of the original Rummikub, but it is easier to gamble and to understand. Indeed, it is like any other casino machine, for example, blackjack or poker. The very first version must have four players, but the new versions may include two or three people. The main aim of this fascinating machine, which is played counter-clockwise, is to become the first to dispose of the tiles in your hand. So, you need to have the least amount of points at the end. Every set offers 3 or more tiles of one rank and the run, in its turn, features at least 3 consecutive tiles of the same suit. Plus, this state-of-the-art game is played with a set of 101 wooden tiles. Each player gets 20 points at the beginning. Since there are various versions of this type of machine, make sure to read the particular game review before playing.

What is more, it can bring you solid rewards as well. But keep in mind that you should always gamble reasonable and know when to stop. Plus, it is advisable to play only when you are feeling lucky because it is a game of chance.

All in all, it is one the most lucrative but at the same time engaging and extraordinary casino games that can be found online these days. It has rather simple but interesting rules. The other neat feature is that it is one of those tasty attention-getting free Turkish Rummy games no download requiring machines that can be started right away. By the way, if you have already fallen love with this attractive game, or once you wish to test it out, keep in mind that it can be enjoyed either on facebook or at casinobedava.com. A fun and rewarding experience is guaranteed!

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