These days okey game, or in other words, Turkish Rummy, becomes more and popular not only in Turkey, but also worldwide. It was founded in Turkey, but since it is rather entertaining to play, it is widely loved around the globe. That is why there are a number of online gaming venues where you can enjoy this fantastic game, including However, before you start playing, it is advisable to get acquainted with okey strategy and its rules. That is why you should take a closer look at playing and winning tips, plus it will be also a good idea to play free Okey games for fun.

In general, this game is played by 4 players, but novel versions allow to include two or three gamblers. It is a rummy game, that includes a fixed number of deals that should be agreed before it is started. The main object here is to collect sets and runs. A set of 106 tiles is used. Each set offers three tiles or four tiles of one number and various colors, whilst every run includes at least three consecutive tiles of one color. It is interesting that at the end of the game you should manage to collect as little points as possible. In other words, to be declared the winner, you should get the least amount of points once the rounds are finished.

The very first dealer is selected at random. Afterwards, once the hands are played and scored, the turn to deal tends to feature to the right. The player starts the game with 20 points. Finally, it should be added that here are predetermined amount of rounds in this type of gaming.

So, whenever you are looking for some source of delight, this will be a wonderful option for you. It is not that difficult to understand, but one must admit that it has the power to keep you entertained for long. Plus, it promises tons of pure excitement and amazement.

As always, you can try free Turkish Rummy games no download requiring machines at Plus, there are also other exciting casino games on offer: wheels of fortune, roulette, video poker, baccarat, as well as blackjack, keno, bingo, and etc. Have fun!

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