Blackjack game, which is also called twenty one, is one of many traditional card games played all over the world. Since its origin in early 17th century blackjack game becomes extremely popular for playing in land based casinos. Moreover, blackjack lovers are able to play free blackjack games for fun at online casinos. At you will find play free blackjack games for fun. Nowadays the casino gambling industry is producing diverse casino 21 blackjack game variants for different tastes. These games have similar rules but include some unique features.


One of the most popular variant of blackjack is called Spanish 21. As it is known, the game was invented in Spain so this name is appealed to the origin of blackjack. Moreover, the game is played with 48 card deck, which is known as the Spanish deck. Such kind of deck includes face cards, which are 10 points valued, however there is no card with number 10. The game has many attractive blackjack rules, including the ability to double any number of cards, receiving bonuses for hands of five or more card 21s, 6, 7, 8 21s and 7, 7, 7 21s, as well as late surrender and many more. Players can advance their blackjack skills playing the Super Fun 21 game. The main rules in this blackjack include the following tips.

1.Super Fun 21 blackjack pays one to one.

2.If the player has six card hand that is less or equal than twenty, he will automatically become a winner.

3.Whether the player has five or higher card combination equal twenty one will pay two to one.

Vegas Style blackjack or 21 Century Blackjack game was invented in California card rooms. In this type of blackjack when player bust it doesn’t an automatically loss, although the dealer with a higher sum has to bust. There are also many local blackjack games, such as French Blackjack and German Blackjack. Splitting in these games is not allowed and the Ace could be only eleven points, while two Aces count as a blackjack combination. In blackjack variation called Double Exposure Blackjack the first two cards, which are given to the dealer, are placed at the game table face up. Maybe the most democratic blackjack rules are used in Double Attack Blackjack game. The players who choose this game to play have the option to increase their wager after they see the face up card of the dealer. Blackjack variation called Blackjack Switch is based on blackjack, but has some differences. The main feature of the game is that it is dealt two hands to each playing position, not one hand as in classic blackjack. The player is able to change the top two cards between combinations. In Multiple Action Blackjack the player has three betting spots. It is necessary to bet on at least two spots, while the player is allowed to bet on all three if he wishes.

All the best free blackjack games online no download can be played at for free to bring you exciting experience and terrific winnings.

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