Online Slots

We need to take a look at the free slot game history if we want to understand online slots. Until 1976, all of the slot machines had visible, turning wheels and reels. In January 1976, visitors of the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel encountered a different kind of beast: a colored TV screen (19’’ Sony Trinitron to be exact) filled with “silent” reels. This was the first video slot machine ever produced and nobody trusted it at the beginning. After all, if you can’t see the turning reels, you can’t trust it, right? Also, what was this “computer software” thing everybody is talking about?

History of Online Slots

Producers realized that “sounds” and “wheels” mean a lot to the gamblers out there. They added rolling animations and some sound effects to the software, and suddenly, video slot machines became the new kid in town. Everybody started to play them – mechanized slot machines turned into “grand-daddies”. Online slot games are video slots actually, which you can play directly within your browser and not in front of the machine. So, how did the online slot games started? The Free Trade & Processing Act passed by Antigua and Barbuda in 1994 allowed everyone to open internet casinos legally. Microgaming was the first company to start creating free slot machines with bonus rounds for internet casinos. InterCasino was the first online casino site opened and suddenly, the whole internet turned into a gambling paradise. In 1996, Canadian Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established to protect and support online players. The rest is history – which we all know about.

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As we mentioned, online slot games are basically video slot games. Both are based on a computer code and a centralized server. Because of this flexibility, all kinds of effects, animations and graphics can be integrated into them easily. And for the same reason, they can be adjusted to all needs – you can play them as free slot games for example. Free online slots do not differ from the “real money” versions when it comes to rules and the pay table. Both are the same game, but the free casino slots version do not require any money to play. In fact, you don’t need to “install” anything; all of them can be played directly within your browser. (They are known also as free slots no download games because of this reason.) Just type the address of the website in your browser, choose one and click “play” – that’s all you need to do.

Online Slot Game Rules

Rules are simple – you need to land at least three same symbols on a single pay line. (Some of the games require only two symbols.) Pay line count starts from 9 and goes as high as 1024 in video slot games – the more the better! There are also special symbols to help you out – wild symbol, for example, substitutes for all other symbols in the game. Scatter symbols pay wherever they appear on the reels (they do not need to land on any of the pay lines) and usually, awards with free spins. Almost all of the online slot games out there come with bonus rounds too; these are usually mini-games which award you with extra coins, multiplier levels and most of the time, jackpots. They are called slots for fun for a reason after all!

Play for Free

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