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real money slotsSlot machines (also known as fruit machines or one-armed bandits) have been an inseparable part of all casinos all around the globe for last two centuries. For many of the amateur gamblers, they are almost synonymous to the casino. The first machine was developed by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn, New York, U.S. in 1891. In fact, they developed a gambling machine which is a predecessor of the modern fruit machine. The first fully electromechanically developed machine was introduced by Bally in 1963 also known as “Money Honey”. The unique feature of this machine was it had the capability of automatic payout of up to 500 coins without the help of any attendant. Evolved over last century, the machine has numerous variants like fruit, classic, 3-Reel Standard, 3-Reel Max Bet 2, 3-Line and 5-Line Slot Machines etc. available across the globe through online slots with real money and mobile slots. A plethora of no deposit best slots are offered online by categorically suited to earn some real money with minimal risk, a gamblers dream. Let us have a look what Casino Bedava has got to offer in arenas of real money online slots.

Play for Money at Casino Bedava

If you are a gambling enthusiast, could offer the best online slots for real money. To try your luck with some real money,  you have a range of no deposit games from different categories like video, fruit, classic and 3D slots. Casino Bedava undoubtedly provides a perfect blend of the most orthodox (Classic variant) to the most advanced (3D) version of the games.

  • Video Slots: Essentially all online fruit machines usually belong to this particular category. The term video slot evolved as a variant of the game that was developed in the computerized version rather than the mechanical machines.
  • 3D Slots: With the rapid advancement in graphic design,  online one-armed bandits have gradually been developed with the most mesmerizing graphics technologies. This includes coupling animation featured from latest hit movies with the traditional slot gameplay. At casino Bedava you have the freedom to enjoy the latest 3D online real money slots with free spins and sign up bonus.
  • Fruit Slots: These are typically three reel classical machines featuring the symbol of various fruits like lemons, cherry’s, melons etc. In spite of being old school, the fruit slot variant has certain appeals in this very age of digital gaming. With a large number of fruit slot games in their arsenal, offers an impressive array of fruit slots for real money online.
  • Classic Slots: In this very age of digital gaming, classic variants have the lion share of payout in casino industry. The Classic variant lacks the jaw-dropping animation of the 3D Slots but in reality, the lower reels, pay lines and symbol count coupled with progressive jackpot system increase your winning chances. Simply put the less complex the machine is the more is your chance of winning. At Casino Bedava you can find a number of top rated Classic real money online slots developed by leading gaming software designer in the market.

Top rated online slots for real money offered by Casino Bedava

  • Quick Hit Las Vegas slot machine by Bally: Featured under the Video Slot category Quick Hit Las Vegas game is a wonderful example of “Bally online” collection. Higher payout value combined with simple gameplay excluding the complex rules is the unique selling point of this game.
  • Orc vs Elf machine by Real Time Gaming: Based on the famous movie trilogy “Lord of the Rings” this game is a masterpiece under the 3D gaming category. While enjoying the never ending battle between ‘Orcs’ & ‘Elfs’, you have a fair chance of bagging some real money.
  • Diamond Dreams slot machine by Betsoft: “Simple but rewarding”. One of the evergreen real money online slots, this game comes with simple graphics & simplified gameplay. You only have to match three symbols in a pay line to get paid. Must be an automatic choice if you are looking to play slots online for real money.

Apart from the ones mentioned above there are tons of other games available at each equipped with its own features. Most importantly you can play anywhere anytime without deposits and also stand a chance to win sign up bonus. By the here you can also play real money poker.

Safe & Responsible Gaming Strategies:

The immense popularity and the special appeal of the game make it difficult for the players to snap out of it even when they are constantly losing money. The compulsion to win gets the better of their senses. According to a popular article, when due to addiction, players bet money they can’t afford, max out their credit cards and borrow from others, gambling becomes a serious problem. It not only affects finances, but damages personal relations due to debts. The sheer grandness of real money slots online could be summed up as follows:

  • Chance for the gambling lovers to test their luck with real money & earn some real money at
  • Easy access to the games without the hassles of registration & download.
  • Brilliantly designed games with realistic look & feel of a real casino by the leading gaming software developers.
  • How to win tutorials for each game to maximize your chances of winning & minimizing the risk when playing with real money.

Responsible Gambling is a practice of self-exclusion from the game to heal the addiction from within. Being a difficult task, it needs to be implemented carefully to diminish the side effects and occasional violent emotional episodes in the addicts.


Gambling is a very old habit among us humans and has been a source of entertainment since the days of yore. With new technologies, the games like slots have now gone online for our benefits. User-friendly payment provisions have also emerged. While online gambling is fun, the problems of addiction and fraud are tainting the joyous experience. Understanding and compliance with the rules of the gambling channels is the key to a successful, hassle-free and pleasurable online gambling experience.

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