Slot machines are something you can’t imagine a casino without – whether the gambling establishment is brick-and-mortar or virtual. The only thing that sets the machines here at Casino Bedava apart from all of the other found online is the fact they’re completely free to play. That’s right, right here, on the pages of this very website, you can play free slot machine games with no downloading or registration required, and without risking as much as a penny.

Slot machines are games of chance, and the outcome mostly depends on players luck, and not his skills or knowledge. Depending on which way you look at it, that can be the biggest draw or the biggest drawback of this popular casino pastime. One thing you can be sure of – slots are probably the most accessible form of gambling, easy to figure out, always fun and not at all stressful. That’s especially true when you play free video slot machine games for fun – true, you won’t take home a large jackpot if you play for free, but you can relax, enjoy yourself and stop worrying about your bank balance for a moment. To win, you just have to collect symbols on a “payline”, a virtual line on the screen, and that’s it! In some cases a simple three-symbol combo can bring you a multi-million jackpot!

Slot machines have become so popular, they’ve surpassed blackjack and roulette as the first thing that comes to punters’ minds when they think “online casino”. And that’s reasonable enough, because there’s no easier way to try your luck – just push the button or pull the lever and see what this day brings in terms of fortune!


Not so long ago slot machines weren’t easy to come by. Because of strict gambling laws in most countries, casinos or specialized parlours were few and far between, especially if you were looking for a reputable establishment and not some seedy hole-in-the-wall. And that’s not to mention that you could only play for real money – no demo modes and no spinning for free! But with the rapid advance of technology, online casinos have soon taken over, and now every aspiring gambler who’s over 18 years of age can register an account and enjoy safe and legal gambling from the comfort of his own home. Even more – with mobile technologies on the rise and us being on the internet seemingly everywhere we go, slot machines become accessible from phones and tablets. Now you can easily find dozens of slot machine apps for android, for iOs, for Windows Phone or Blackberry that would let you enjoy a game for free or for actual money. You can even play slots on facebook, between checking out your mom’s status updates and chatting with your friends. Talk about the revolution in accessibility!

Modern slots also look and play quite different from those machines you may have seen 20 or even 10 years ago. They have amazing graphics, often very realistic and done in 3D, video snippets, reel animations, high-quality sound effects and even more. They’re often story-driven and feature original characters – forget staring at lemons and sevens, now you can take a part in an actual story and influence the outcome! Here at we have games from all the current developers on the market, so you can compare the quality and find one (or several!) that you really like and enjoy.

And, of course, the gameplay. You still don’t have to learn complex skills to operate a slot machine, and it all boils down to placing a bet and clicking on the “spin” button, but modern slot machines are so much more than just watching the reels spin for a bit and then come to a stop. Besides the abovementioned animations and companion characters created to keep you entertained while the reels do their job, there’s a whole host of extra features you can hit to make the gameplay even more fun. The basics like free spins, where you get to play for free and keep the winnings, or the “gamble” feature, where you have a 50/50 chance of doubling your prize, or the more advanced mini-games of all genres – it can be a point-and-click round or a real arcade game, a round of golf or a trip to a shooting range. Mostly any game you pick these days comes with bonus feature, and a creative one at that! So don’t wait up, because at you can play unlimited free online slot machines with bonus games, no download or registration required.

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