Introduction to Online Poker for Real Money

real money pokerEvolved over last three centuries, Poker is an interesting card game with numerous variants spread across the globe. With time, technology has shaped every aspect of human life profoundly. The next big leap that technology took was presenting casinos and gambling online without the need to visit one. The online casinos are turning more urbane and tech savvy which includes all the new digital technologies. Today an average user can even play poker for real money on iPhone while traveling around. The ability to play online poker for real money changed the game for enthusiastic players, making it more convenient, faster and honest. The principal idea for physical and digital gambling is more or less has remained equal.

Before proceeding to various types of poker for real money online offered by let us take a sneak peak to poker strategies.

  • Stud poker : One of the oldest in Poker family. In this game, cards are dealt in a prearranged sequence of face-up and face-down rounds, followed by betting after each of the rounds. Nowadays the most popular stud variant is the “Seven Card” which offers two extra cards compared to the five card hand, comprising three “face up” & four “face down” cards. Players have to choose optimum possible five-card hand from the seven.
  • Draw poker : In this version a complete face-down hand is dealt to all players at the beginning.  After betting, players may attempt to change their hand with a goal to improve the set by abandoning unwanted and being dealt new cards. Five-card draw is the most known variation of this family.
  • Texas Hold ’em poker : At first two cards, called the hole cards, are dealt to each player face down. Next total of five community cards are dealt in three stages. At the first stage three cards known as “The Flop” are dealt. In the following stage comes single card known as the “the turn”. In the final stage the final card, known as “the river” or “Fifth Street” is dealt. The best five card poker hand is what every player targets and seeks from the ensemble of the community cards and their own hole cards. There are betting option to check, call, raise or fold. A round of betting takes place after dealing of “Hole Cards” & thereafter with each subsequent dealing.

Play for Money at Casino Bedava

Casino Bedava offers a variety of poker games from different top ranking software vendors in the market such as Microgaming, Playtech etc. Microgaming Software Systems Ltd, for example, is one of the leading Online Casino software development company. Microgaming has almost six hundred or more casino games which also include popular games like Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, etc. So every business partners of Microgaming get to choose from a lot of variations.

Let’s have a sneak peak to some of the brilliantly designed online real money Poker games waiting to amaze you at

3 Card Poker game by BetSoft

This game by BetSoft should be any gamblers choice for its realistic design, nicely drawn interface, quick and exciting gameplay. The interesting part of this game is a beautifully laid out casino table similar to a real casinos owing to its realistic 3D design. This 3 card Poker is comparatively an easier version of Poker and aimed to get a better 3-card hand than the dealer. Calling and wagering is also fairly simple and easy to figure out. You can wager by simply dragging chips from a little box in the lower right corner onto the table. Wagering 1 to a hundred coins per hand is allowed in gameplay. Now you can even play poker for real money on iPhone, even when you are traveling around of on vacation. By the way here you can also play real money craps .

Joker Poker 4 Play Power Poker game by Microgaming

The prime selling point of this poker game is that it is played with a 53 card deck unlike other chunk of games having gameplay with 52 card deck. The addition of the extra wild card maximizes your chance of winning since the wild card has the capability of substituting any card necessary to make your hand a higher-paying one.

Apart from three games mentioned above, the list of poker games available at the poker machines comprises of some of the most popular Trey Poker game by NetEnt, Caribbean Hold’em game by RealTime Gaming, Poker 3 Heads Up Holdem game by BetSoft, Tens or Better game by Playtech, Joker Wild Double Up game by NetEnt & many more.

Safe & Responsible Gaming Strategies:

Most of the poker online for real money that are offered at various mobile casinos can be played without any commitment from the player. If there is a dilemma or a query at any stage of the game play, the player can revert to the customer service and support any time.

Gambling addiction or compulsive gambling is a problem that hounds most online gamblers. The urge to play on is simply irresistible to the ones desperate to see a win. Some of the telltale signs of addiction are:

  • spending more money than affordable
  • finding it difficult to stop or control
  • reacting irritably to others when persuaded to stop
  • borrowing money
  • gambling when emotionally disturbed or stressed
  • thinking that a win shall cure the madness

Falling under any of these signs is a cause of concern and must be addressed immediately. One interesting article that highlights certain key advises to Gamblers and players –

  • Gamble for the fun of it. It is not a way of making money. The odds in the game may turn at any moment.
  • Accept losses as a part of the poker online for real money. The urge to get back the lost money and beating the game leads to bigger losses.
  • Not gamble when depressed or emotionally disturbed. This often leads to bad and hasty decisions that are regretted in future.


Weighing all the factors mentioned above, playing online poker with real money at is usually an obvious choice. In the crowd of online casinos, Casino Bedava can be singled out for the superior gameplay options, user-friendly policies & maximum chance of earning some real money. While responsible gaming is a collective responsibility, Casino Bedava exercises extra precautions to ensure players interests and financial safety. Now enjoy the thrills of real poker real money!

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