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Zoom Roulette game by BetSoft casino software provider is a highly entertaining and truly rewarding roulette game that gives you the chance to win big! Zoom Roulette online casino game is based on European roulette, a classic favorite, but with a new spin. As the name of the game suggests, this online roulette for fun allows players to closely watch the rotating roulette.

Zoom Roulette is complimented by a simple-to-use, user-friendly interface with beautiful graphics that feature bold, vivid colors; accompanied with animation and sound, the game achieves a remarkably realistic look and feel. The roulette wheel consists of thirty-six numbers, plus zero. An ivory ball circles in the rotating roulette wheel and eventually randomly stops on one of the 37 numbers. The objective of the game is to predict on which number the ivory ball will stop by placing bets in the fields of the Roulette table. Zoom Roulette has nine different ways to place roulette bets: Straight Up, Split Bet, Street Bet, Corner Bet, First Four Bet, Line Bet, Column Bet, Dozen Bet, and Red/Black, Even/Odd, and Low/High Bets. Each of these bets covers different numbers and allocation options. Play free roulette online – visit and play free demo: place your bet, spin the roulette, and win!

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