243 Ways To Win

First slot machines only had one payline – the actual physical line on the middle of the screen, where the symbols had to align for you to win. When video slots came about and the screen expanded to have five reels, the amount of paylines increased as well – now you could bet on up to 20 lines, picking and choosing ones to put your money on. This, of course, has created more possibilities, but also more confusion for the casual player – because you either had to bet the maximum amount to cover the whole field or face potential frustration when a lucrative combo has formed on the payline that you didn’t bet on.

But as new technologies progressed, the trends for paylines have changed once again. The 243 ways to win system was first rolled out by Microgaming in their casino games as an experiment, to see whether the players will enjoy it. What it is, is essentially every symbol on the field turns into a scatter. You don’t have to align three symbols directly anymore, now winning combos can be formed by symbols touching corners and adjacent in different directions. Thrown in some wilds and other bonus symbols and you have some huge winning potential – especially considering that you don’t have to pick paylines to place bets on anymore, it’s back to the basics with one bet, one spin formula. Try some of Microgaming’s original 243-ways-to-win slots in demo mode here on casinobedava.com – it’s free and instant!

It took a while for the gambling world to get used to it, but more and more developers started to walk away from the traditional payline system towards 243 ways to win or something similar. Now it is safe to say that this is what future slots are going to look like – no fixed paylines, no extra hassle for the gambler. Now you can play 243 ways to win online free slots for fun at Casino Bedava, while choosing from hundreds of titles, created by dozens of famous online gambling software developers. These games are all of the modern variety, meaning that they also have superior graphics, amazing bonus features and fun storyline-driven gameplay, which guarantees hours and hours of fun.

The 243 ways to win is excellent value for the punters, because they don’t have to place a coin or even more on each line they want covered. It also proved to be great for developers, because these are the games that the public wants to play right now. So if you aren’t familiar with the system yet, it’s high time to fix that! Only on our website, casinobedava.com, you will be able to enjoy unlimited 243 ways to win free slots, no downloads just instant play. No deposit will ever be required from you – just click play and start spinning!