Free Spins

The term “free spins” can refer to two different things – both related to slot machines, but executed differently. It can either mean an in-built feature in the machine itself or a casino bonus that lets you play for free under certain conditions. Let’s start with the latter.

In a bid to lure their customers into trying more games – or just to get some new clients to sign up, online casinos often offer “free spins” bonuses. What this means is that you can play a slot machine (it can be any machine in the casino or a specific one) for free for a certain number of spins, and if you win, you can keep the winnings. These bonuses often come with lots of terms and conditions, so be sure to read them before you jump into playing to avoid potential frustration. You can find the best free spin casino no deposit bonus codes here at Casino Bedava – we always scour the web to find the best, most lucrative and most honest deals for you.

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The second meaning of “free spins” is one of the most popular bonus features you can see in slot machines. It doesn’t depend on the casino, it is built in by a software developer. This feature is often triggered by a special symbol called the scatter, but rules can differ from slot to slot. Often there’s also a multiplier going on during the free spins, so you get more money from the same winning combinations. The amount of spins you get is different from machine to machine, so make sure to always read the rules and the paytable before starting out. As to where to try some games with this great feature – why, at, of course! Here you can enjoy unlimited free online slot machines with free spins, no download, registration or deposit required. Just pick one that looks good to you and go!

Since the developers like to make their games stand out from the crowd, they will often mix free spins with other bonuses, or make them take place on a different screen, or throw in some special symbols that only appear during the free spins. Of course, all of this makes the gameplay way more exciting and enjoyable. So why not play free slot machines with free spins and bonus for fun here at Casino Bedava? With the choice we have here, you will never get bored!

So now you probably have an understanding of how to use a free spin to win extra money – whether the free spin in question is of the casino bonus or the special feature variety. Try the best slot machines with free spins from the most famous developers in free demo mode today at!