Progressive Jackpots

These days on all resources dedicated to online casino gambling most of the talk seems to be about progressive jackpots. If you’re a newbie or just a person who doesn’t pay much attention to trends, you might be a bit confused by it. So what is a progressive slot machine, what makes them so good, where to find them, how to play them? We have all the answers for you right here, so make sure to keep reading.

A progressive jackpot game doesn’t have a fixed prize amount. Instead, all the bets made on this machine contribute towards the main jackpot, that grows every time someone starts playing it. That’s why it is called “progressive” – the more you and others play it, the higher it becomes! Most of the games with progressive jackpots are slot machines, although there are some video pokers, blackjacks, roulettes and other progressives out there.

There are different types of progressive jackpots available. Some are casino-wide, when the jackpot only consists of the bets made in a specific casino. Some are network-wide, with several casinos participating to pool towards a bigger prize. And the highest progressives are usually established by software developers, and all the casinos that have their software participate in creating huge, multi-million-dollar prizes. There are also different ways to win a progressive jackpot – some games require you to play with a maximum bet, and you can only hit the jackpot when you get a specific combination. Other jackpots hit randomly, and can be won with any spin, even a non-winning one.

Progressive jackpots are the only ones that can reach multi-million dollar amounts and be hit regularly, so if you’re curious to find out which machine is the most profitable, try searching the news – you will most likely see the same slot machines popping up in the messages about some lucky punters becoming instant millionaires. And to see what these games are all about, try them in demo mode at Casino Bedava – we have all the most popular “millionaire makers” available here for free. No deposit is required to take any number of slots for a spin!

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Of course, most people do it for the practice, but you can play online free progressive slots for fun – they’re mostly very exciting, modern games with lots of bonus features and great gameplay. It’s always a good idea to get used to the game and learn it from A to Z before wagering money on it, especially if you’re really bent on hitting the top prize! At, you can play free video progressive slots, no download, no registration, no other requirements – just pick one and enjoy!