Tavla games

Fond of casino table games? Then you will be kept entertained for long once you give one of Tavla games a try. Indeed, these Turkish gaming machines promise endless amount of fun. So, what is special about it? It is interesting that the title of this type of game comes from Byzantine Greek τάβλη, which means a “board”. Frankly speaking, this table game is very similar to backgammon, which is regarded as a cultural folklore in Turkey. The setup along with the movement are, in fact, the same as in standard backgammon.

Online Tavla Game Features

The main idea of this intriguing game of chance is to move all of your checkers into your own home board and then you need to bear all of them off. In other words, the one who first manages to bear off all his or her checkers, wins.

The matches in general are played first to 5, best of 3. So, you start with the 2 checkers on the opponent’s one-point, then you have 5 checkers on the opponent’s twelve-point, and afterwards, 3 checkers on the own eight-point, and finally, five checkers on the own six point.

Play Tavla Game for Free

These days you can easily play turk tavla game online for free (the same as okey rummy game). Of course, not all online casinos feature this particular game since it is still quite a rare type. But there are some reputable services offering it, in particular, casinobedava.com. By the way, players who wish to try it out for the first time highly appreciate the fact that at this website you can enjoy free tavla game online no download no registration requiring analogue right away.

All in all, Tavla games will surely amuse you, inspire you, and fascinate you! So dive in, because it’s time! We kindly remind you that at casinobedava.com you can play Turkish version of Backgammon online for fun right away. Plus, it should be added that the real money mode is also available. To make things more intriguing, this gaming portal also gives you the possibility to take full advantage of a number of lucrative bonuses, such as no deposit, a % deposit and a special week end promotions. Grab them and enjoy!