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Fond of casino table games, aren’t you? Then it is for certain that you have not only heard but also tried tavla. Being simple and easy to learn, it is thrilling until the very end. In this fantastic board game the playing pieces are moved according to the roll of dice. In general, tavla includes two players. The main idea here is to remove pieces from the table before the opponent does it. Once you manage to bear off all his checkers, you will be declared the winner.

Tavla is very similar to Backgammon

Generally speaking, tavla is very similar to backgammon. However, there are still some differences. For instance, unlike backgammon, tavla does not have neither doubling cubes, nor dice cups. Besides, the one who wins the opening roll in tavla should reroll for the first turn. Apart from the said above, tavla lacks “hit-and-run” in the player’s home board.
To become a successful tavla player, you should follow some simple rules.

  1. First of all, each enthusiast should study the principles of tavla strategy before playing.
  2. Since the balance here can be changed in the last few seconds, you should always follow the game and be careful till the very end.
  3. It is still a provoking issue whether it is mainly about luck or strategy, hence you should know the rules and be lucky to win. That is why always play only if you think that it is the lucky day for you. Sometimes it is better to stop and wait for a day or two.
  4. Finally, don’t forget that only practise makes perfect. Hence, make sure you play 2 players tavla games for free online before gaming for real. By the way, at you have the possibility to play free backgammon games for fun or for real. The demo mode is not that exciting, but it still will bring you lots of fun.

Overall, tavla is a wonderful online pastime these days. It is not only exciting and engaging to play, but it provokes you to think. In other words, it trains your brain. Thus, no matter whether you wish to try free tavla games no download required versions or take risks playing for real, you will not be disappointed in this tavla. Once you give it a try, you will understand why Turks adore it. Why not give it try then?

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