Variation of Modern Backgammon

Being the variation of modern backgammon, tavla is a fabulous game that is a real delight to play. The game was founded in Turkey and it is still widely played in this country, but these days it is also becoming more and more popular across the globe as well. It is interesting to mention that in Turkey tavla is mostly played by men, but women also know the rules and adore it.

In general, this state of the art game is played by two players. Frankly speaking, this fancy Turkish backgammon has similar rules to the standard backgammon with some small differences only. For example, the Turkish variant does not feature the doubling cube or any backgammon in the meaning of a triple game. Plus, the gamer will not be able to hit and run for cover in his or her home board. Besides, he or she is not allowed to play a smaller number and use the rest of the pips to move a checker forward while bearing off.

To begin playing, the player rolls one die and the higher number should go first. The one who manages to first bear off all fifteen checkers is regarded as the winner. People call a checker that is sitting alone on a point a blot.


Overall, tavla promises hours of pure fun and entertainment. Once it was founded it continues challenging between “men” not only in Turkey, but around the world. But, still women also adore this fancy game. Today, you can play free tavla games for fun at many online casinos. As a simple example, it can be enjoyed on facebook. Besides, in general, free tavla games no download requiring machines can be started right away since they do not need any special software and or registration. The real mode requires creating a casino account. But before you get started, it is highly advisable to look through the particular game reviews and offered bonuses.

So, if you are looking for the best types of tavla games online, we recommend you taking closer look at Apart from excellent reputation, wonderful graphics, Vip treatment, lots of payment alternatives, as well as a wonderful variety of generous and intriguing bonuses, this award-winning gaming portal boasts an impressive array of casino table games, including tavla. The demo mode along with the real money mode are at your disposal.

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